Abyss Habidecor

5 Dicembre 2018

Atmosphere & Harmony

Since childhood, Bath time is this luxurious moment of resourcing of Atmosphere and Harmony.
Abyss, the sponge that hold us in its soft embrace Habidecor, the rug that caresses comfortably our damp feet.

High Quality Cotton & Silk

The thread that connects us…Our natural fibres, selected carefully for you, are from highest quality Egyptian cotton and the most noble silk, than caressed, twisted and weft by loving hands, to create a strong thread, This thread that connects us.

Handmade, Artisanat

There is only one passion, the passion for happiness – Diderot.
As an ode to the cotton flower, Which has offered us so much, We want to surprise you and share our handicraft with you, signed Abyss and Habidecor.

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