14 Novembre 2018
L’Oca Nera
15 Novembre 2018

The International Mat Manufacturer – Kleen-Tex – the world at your feet!

Kleen-Tex Industries – today one of the leading manufacturers of mats – was founded in 1967 in the US city of LaGrange. The launch of the first rubber-coated dirt-trapper mats in 1970 laid the foundation for a worldwide success story. This decades-long know-how, coupled with spirit of innovation and a passion for service and quality, makes us a reliable supplier and partner on equal footing.

From the very beginning, the main focus of Kleen-Tex was on supplying laundries and providers of washroom hygiene, so as to provide these with a suitable product portfolio that meets the high requirements on quality and sustainability demanded by them. Today, Kleen-Tex has three locations in Europe – Austria, Poland and Great Britain, where all of the added value is generated. And does also offer only to laundries and textile service companies but also to everyone outside the world who is in need of the benefits a mat can bring.

The fact that Kleen-Tex produces exclusively in Europe is something we are very proud of, and this also provides our customers with benefits not to be ignored. A pan-European strategic positioning and market segmentation means closer proximity to customers and suppliers, allowing quick and flexible acting as well as faster production and delivery times. It is also of great importance to us to know how and from what our mats have been made. Because only this way will we be able to ensure important certifications and quality seals as well as warranties.

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